cande aguilar_Bypass_2005_mixedmedia on panel_72x78inches
guilar_Clone Zone_2010_multimedia painting on panel_55x96in
cande aguilar_Where is your Eternity_2009_multimedia painting on panel_ 48x60in
cande aguilar, barrioPOP, art sales on artsy.com
cande aguilar_Bypass_2005_mixedmedia on panel_72x78inches

Mike Moody: The Brownsville Herald Cande Aguilar’s work relays a patterned schizophrenia, with giant canvasses peppered with graffiti art, cartoons, pop culture images, crude drawings and bright colors. The artist, accordion player and co-founder of the tejano band Elida y Avante has been dubbed a “barrio pop” artist. Aguilar earns that title again with his new work which, at first glance, might seem too random but is ultimately a strong collection of stimulating, abstract visuals.